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Backorder Details

You do not have this domain on backorder.

Backorder Details:

Current Bid:$69
Backorder By:
Type:Wish List
Your Bid:$0
Bid History:4 bids

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Minimum Bid:$69
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*This is not a proxy bid.

Important Notes:

  • All Auctions and listings: Standard Domain registration fees are included in bid.
  • Purchases above $5,000: These purchases can only be processed with a wire transfer.
  • Backorders: A backorder can be deleted by the posted backorder deadline, if it is at the minimum bid. There is no minimum bid restriction to delete a wish list backorder.
  • Backorders: Bids are not proxy bids. The amount you enter will be your minimum and maximum bid at auction start.
  • Backorders: To bid more than $2500 on a Wish List, Pending Delete, or Pre-Release name, you must be a Verified Bidder

For full list of rules & regulations please review the FAQ and the Terms of Use.

Attention Customers: NameJet ™ is a domain auction service which allows businesses and individuals to express interest in, and register, newly available domain names. In the event that you are a trademark holder and you feel that a domain name infringing your trademark is currently listed for auction, you should contact us immediately at Due to the nature of this service, we are not in a position to determine what may or may not be trademark infringement. That analysis is best performed by trademark holders wishing to protect their rights. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.